Enable investment professionals to do what they do best, managing client portfolios.

Replace time-consuming and sub-optimal tools with a single platform, VI Company Square. Designed specifically to manage multi-asset investment portfolios in the front-office.

Currently, VI Company Square is already used for managing more than € 200 billion assets under management.

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Robust SaaS solutions for institutional asset management.

Connect Square to existing administration and immediately use the platform with its modular applications. Specifically developed for (and by) the front office of institutional asset managers.

  • Traceable

    Record decisions in an audit trail, including supporting evidence and process flow.
  • Secure & certified

    Portfolio data is isolated per client, secure, encrypted and located in our Dutch, or your own data centers.
  • Accessible

    User-friendly interface that is available at all times, on any device and location.
  • Compliant

    Square simplifies complying with internal control measures such as ISAE 3402.
By collaborating with VI Company in the development of VI Company Square, PGGM has been able to further improve the quality of its portfolio management and to execute more efficiently.
Avatar Uri Soetendorp
Head of Client Portfolio Analysis & Management (PGGM)
VI Company Square closes a gap in the IT landscape that allows institutional investors to make their business critical processes more robust.
Avatar Jeroen Ruepert
Partner Advisory, Asset Management & Pensions (KPMG)

Square offers various modules.

VI Company Square is developed as a Saas platform for all institutional asset managers who manage multi-asset investment portfolios. VI Company Square is designed to mitigate operational risks by integrating business-critical processes into one robust and secure system. VI Company Square gives you more control over your assets under management while maintaining all the desired flexibility.

We build additional modules with asset managers as partners. The first module in use is Allocation Management.

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Why Square?

We believe we can bring the asset management industry to a higher standard with the use of robust and innovative software. Rebalancing the Strategic Asset Allocation is the first step in this revolution.

Together with our clients and partners, we have developed a roadmap of different modules. The first module to be launched at the beginning of 2019 was the allocation management module. Would you as a client or potential partner like to contribute to the roadmap? Please contact us.