Allocation Management

Allocation Management of multiple portfolios and asset classes.

Optimize, innovate and monitor your allocation management of multi-asset investment portfolios. With full flexibility when it comes to calculation rules, the Allocation Management module fits into any strategy you want. Now and in the future.

Spend more time on value-adding activities.

Your portfolio managers have more time for analysis, drawing up scenarios and generating allocation proposals. There is no need for them to worry about the maintenance or security of the system. Enable portfolio managers to do what they do best, investing.

  • Trace outcomes to the source

    Share all steps in the decision-making process with colleagues in areas such as risk and compliance.
  • Asset allocation according to agreed mandate

    Allocate with the confidence and control that you always act in line with the mandate of your client(s).
  • Complete audit trail and authorization possibilities

    Record decisions and workflow into an audit trail, using an authorization matrix.
  • Full flexibility in calculation rules

    Implement secure and robust all imaginable allocation strategies.
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Create your own calculation rules

Portfolio managers are in the driving seat within the secure and robust Square environment. With the user-friendly Square programming language, they can easily set up the Allocation Management module according to their own needs and judgement. This creates endless possibilities for innovative allocation management strategies.
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Tactical Asset Allocation

Tactical asset allocation is another possibility in VI Company Square. You can see immediately how changes affect the total allocation and who has taken this decision. Under influence of compliance rules an explanation is needed why a tactical deviation occurs. Of course VI Company Square facilitates this process seamlessly.
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Always allocate according to mandate

VI Company Square keeps track of all mandates and revisions of your clients. This way, the allocation process will always match the current, approved mandate. With each adjustment, you can verify which mandate has been used, which calculation rules are used and who, which tactical adjustments have been made and when. Full transparency and traceability.
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Connects to any investment administration

VI Company Square connects to the commonly used portfolio administration systems such as Simcorp Dimension, MultiFonds and HiPortfolio and always uses current portfolio data. Back testing and scenario generation are also possible, for example with data from the past and calculation rules of the future. Know at all times which portfolio data is used to manage the allocation.
Example code from the API.

Full control of your data

Full control of your data: the calculated allocation results are compatible with tools such as Power BI, Tableau, or even custom Python scripting. The results are accessible via a secure and auditable Rest API.
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Login with existing account

VI Company Square uses the most user-friendly way of authentication available. For example, Active Directory, which the organisation controls centrally. VI Company Square also offers an authorisation matrix, which allows specific users in the organisation to only have reading rights and cannot propose a new asset allocation themselves.
By collaborating with VI Company in the development of VI Company Square, PGGM has been able to further improve the quality of its portfolio management and to execute more efficiently.
Avatar Uri Soetendorp
Head of Client Portfolio Analysis & Management (PGGM)
Monitor allocations of your client investment portfolios, generate scenarios and allocate securly.

The result: more control over the assets under management.

  • Mitigate operational risks by integrating business-critical processes into one robust and secure system.
  • Increase strategic strength, with a solid system that is flexible enough to support your own allocation methods and portfolio management process.
  • Strengthen portfolio and risk managers by spending less time on processes and giving them more room for analysis.
  • Optimize risk control and analysis with a central view on decision making, faster error detection and improved quality of analyses.

Empower your employees.

Market movements or strategic policy changes require robust and transparent portfolio management. You want to be able to do this quickly, controlled and well informed. From your portfolio managers you expect a thorough analysis and quick presentation of the relevant scenarios. Your risk managers benefit from insight and control. VI Company Square facilitates both.

Portfolio Managers

Finally an efficient alternative.

VI Company Square is developed for and by the front office of institutional asset managers.

Take your time for analysis and make the right decisions.

Portfolio managers test different scenarios, all based on current data from integrated client portfolios.

  • Efficient

    Less mail, chats and phone calls to record process progress.
  • Accessible

    VI Company Square works on any device regardless of screen size.
  • Productive

    Less time needed for processes, more room for analysis.
  • Modular

    VI Company Square is designed to connect to any common investment administration system.

Risk Managers

More time for risk analyses.

Model risks are mitigated and the allocation process always follows approved calculation rules. More time for relevant risk analyses.

Keep control.

View and analyze the scenario selected by the portfolio manager in one click.

  • Tooling

    No secondary control tooling required.
  • Secure

    VI Company Square meets the highest standards of IT security.
  • Audit trail

    Fast and clear insight into who, what, and when executed.
  • Control

    Approvals and traceability easily organised.